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The museum's mission is to collect, preserve and display materials that highlight the fascinating history of Sicamous and surrounding area from the First Peoples to today.


Sicamous' history centers around the connection of the two lakes that we are located on, the Shuswap Lake and Mara Lake.

The Secwepemc people were known to have settled in the area as it was an easily found space, giving rise to our name Sek-Maws, which has been interpreted as meeting in the middle, among other translations. 

After that, the gold rush, logging, the Canadian Pacific Railway and recreation all brought with them new eras of settlement and development in Sicamous. 

Our exhibits focus on this deep and unique history and how nature shaped our community.


Explore & Learn

The museum is free to explore and shares its space with our community's Visitor Centre. Donations are greatly appreciated upon entrance.

We are available for school and group tours guided by a museum member. Please call ahead to book.

As we continue to grow we hope to be able to offer new and enhanced programming for all ages. Stay tuned!

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