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01 SS Spallumcheene.jpg

SS Spallumcheene at Eagle Pass Landing ca:1881-1885

02 Lady Dufferin.jpg

Side Wheeler "Lady Dufferin" at Eagle Pass Landing ca:1883

03 SS Peerless .jpg

SS Peerless at Eagle Pass Landing (Old Town) ca:1885

04 SS Andover.jpg

SS Andover at Salmon Arm - Bi-weekly trips toKamloops

05 SS Andover.jpg

SS Andover in Sicamous Channel ca:1912

Ethel Ross.jpg

Sternwheeler "Ethel Ross" transiting Sicamous Channel

SS Whitesmith.jpg

Building the vessel SS Whitesmith on the Ways near CPR Hotel ca:1909

08 SS Whitesmith.jpg

Building SS Whitesmith west of CPR Hotel ca:1928

09 MPF.jpg

Log boom in Sicamous Channel with tug "MPF" ca:1954

10 testing fire truck on barge.jpg

Testing the viability of the fire truch on a barge.

11 Aquarius Trailer Float.jpg

A holiday trailer on and Aquarious trailer float.

Phoebe Ann.jpg

Gordon Mackie and the "Phoebe Ann" docked during winter.

13 Phoebe Ann.jpg

The "Phoebe Ann" at the warf, ready for a summer cruise.

MV Stephanie

MV Stephanie and barge departing Sicamous for Seymour Arm.

MV Phoebe Ann

MV Phoebe Ann transiting Sicamous Channel

Good Fishing

Good Fishing 1920's

Typical Catch

A typical catch on the lake in the "old days"


Seed's Floating Grocery Store - by the original highway bridge ca:1949

Alex Woods

Alex Woods hauling goods - Sicamous to home at Canoe Point

Andy Patterson

Andy Patterson and huskies taking mail to Seymour Arm ca:1930

Mail Delivery

Mail delivery to Seymour Arm

Captain Smiths Lizzie

Captain Smith's "Lizzie" and the three loaded sleighs for Seymour Arm

Steamboats, Paddle-wheelers, Lake Vessels on the Shuswap

Lake Vessels

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