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Community Heritage Register

A Community Heritage Registry (CHR) is simply a list, vetted through Mayor and Council, that raises awareness of our local heritage resources. Being on this list does not afford any means of legal protection, nor does it diminish the development potential of a site. However, registered properties may be eligible for special concessions and grant programs, if available.

As an official list of non-designated historic places it identifies, records, and acknowledges our story. It allows sites that the community values to be monitored and integrated into community planning. Each community has the ability to tailor criteria for their own CHR. Registration of historic places can be added or deleted to the CHR by Council Resolution.

A CHR listing is not included on the land title but will be noted on the District’s database. The property can be altered, demolished and / or developed but it will be flagged, and Council will be given an opportunity to pause the issuance of permits for up to 60 days to explore options with the property owner. Properties can be on both the CHR and have a Heritage Designation.

In terms of legislation, Section 598 of the Local Government Act authorizes a local government to establish a community heritage register.

Click the pdf to access the final Community Heritage Registry Document.

Go to the District of Sicamous' website for a detailed map and related information on the Community Heritage Registry.

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