Class on CPR Hill looking East over the CPR Hotel in 1917

Eagle River School Grades 7.8.9 Teacher - Gordon Munro ca:1953

Eagle Valley School 1952-53 Ron Lyons-Teacher

Malakwa School Grades 5-8 1938

Teachers Harold Merrit, Gordon Munro, Ron Lyons

Eagle River Students 1950-51

Viola Heinonen, Peter Wickland, Velma Coswell, Amy Rauma, Leo Kingelin, Reid Finlayson

Eagle Valley School in 1928 - was also the Museum Building

Class and Teacher, Miss McBeath, Eagle Valley School ca:1945

Class picture on CPR Hill - Gordon Mackie on far left ca:1938

Eagle River Students 1950-51

E Bramble and Harry Stepp families on the Stepp farm ca:1935

Roy Finlayson 1925 in his Model T Convertible in Sicamous ca:1925

MJ Finlayson at home ca:1935

Miss Venatta and Mrs MJ Finlayson ca:1915

Natives and Winter home near the Sicamous Channel ca:1880

Fred Norwood

Mary Janet Finlayson

Harry and Annie Kelly family with some friends ca:1913

Frank Smith and Charlie Foster

Pete Martin Fishing Guide

Frank Kappel and Family

Members of the Sicamous Womens Institute at Royal Visit 1951

RW Bruhn in 1936

Charlie and Lulu Bramble and family 1946

Sicamous Legion in 1945

Road Crew at Malakwa 1910

Building Roads at Malkwa 1905 - 1910

Road Building Crew 1913

Road Crew 1917

Cambie Hall Gathering 1925

John Leaf, Matt Teto, Mrs Uitti, unknnown, Seth Ylisto, inback set, John Kari

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